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DR Congo: US Again Calls for President Joseph Kabila’s Resignation

Just five months before the presidential elections in the DRC, the United States on Thursday urged President Joseph Kabila to declare that he will not be a candidate.

Speaking to the UN Security Council, US Deputy Ambassador Jonathan Cohen said that “the time for speaking out is over” and that Kabila should clarify his intentions for the 23 March ballot. December.

“We hope that President Kabila will respect the DRC constitution and the December 2016 agreement. He is not eligible under Congolese law to run for a third term,” said Jonathan Cohen.

France and Britain have in the past asked President Joseph Kabila to resign.

Kabila’s decision to run in or out of the polls was expected during his speech in parliament last week, but he did not comment on it.


On the same day, the Security Council issued a joint statement with the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, calling for a “peaceful and democratic transfer of power. “

The DRC has never experienced a peaceful transition since independence from Belgium in 1960.

The United States reiterated its criticism of the DRC’s plan to use electronic voting in polls, saying that voting machines could undermine the credibility of elections.

The electoral commission “must take steps to ensure that voters can vote through a proven, trustworthy mechanism that guarantees the secrecy of the vote, namely the ballots,” said Cohen.

The elections have been scrutinized by the Security Council, which plans to visit the DRC later this year.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres planned to travel to Kinshasa with African Union Commission President Moussa Faki, but the visit was postponed at Kabila’s request.

Congolese ambassador Ignace Gata Mavita urged the world powers to support the elections in his country “by positive actions” and condemn “the interference of all parties. “


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