DR Congo Prime Minister, Samy Badibanga, Resigns

Local radio station, Radio Okapi reported that the Prime Minister has handed his resignation to the president at the state house, Palais de la Nation.

He also ordered his staff to ensure a smooth transition of power.

Badibanga, who is an opposition member, was named prime minister in November last year after the first transitional agreement boycotted by the opposition coalition.
President Kabila on Wednesday told parliament in an address that he will appoint a new prime minister within 48 hours and called on the opposition coalition to nominate candidates for the appointment.The opposition coalition created by late opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi and currently led by his son Félix Tshisekedi had called for a general strike in the country, which is ongoing, to protest against what they consider as an attempt to block the December 31 peace agreement.


The coalition boycotted the peace talks last year which resulted in Badibanga’s appointment per the power-sharing deal signed in October between the government and some opposition parties.
The coalition opposed the agreement which they described as non-inclusive and promised to protest till Kabila steps down.Catholic bishops who have been mediating the talks announced last week that they would no longer continue the mediation due to unwillingness to seek compromise.

Kabila promised that the dialogue will continue.

The protests might come to an end if the opposition coalition agrees to send its nominees for appointment as prime minister until elections are held this year per the peace agreement.


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