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Download The Ebates Toolbar and save Loads of cash while you shop.

Download The Ebates Toolbar

The Ebates Toolbar is stress free as it saves you from having to visit the Ebates website and search for the store you want. Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer all offer a toolbar extension that helps pick up on sites that are available on Ebates. When the Ebates cash-back button informs you of a potential cash-back, you can sign into your Ebates account and make the qualifying purchase through their link.

The toolbar offers one-click links to sales and deals. It also provides a Web-search option which you can use. With the use of the Toolbar, you can head to any given store, and if there’s a cash-back option, you will see it below the toolbar along with a “click to activate” option.


Ebates Saves You Money On Everything: How to Save 100s of Dollars weekly

Ebates Toolbar has made life easy by just having to click a button and you’re good to go. It is now more convenient than the usual method of going to Ebates website and then searching for the store, clicking through, and all that. If you (the customer) want a highlight of how much cash you have earned to date, the toolbar has been programmed to display the cash you have earned to date. The Ebates toolbar alerts you with your cash-back savings.  You can also decide to hide the confidential information if you wish.


I hope this article was helpful. So do not hesitate to sign up on Ebates. Click here Ebates to get started!


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Ebates Saves You Money On Everything: How to Save 100s of Dollars weekly

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