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Doomsday Prophet Resets ‘End Of The World’- Says New Date Is Changed To 15th October

Meade on his site cleared up his conviction that the 23rd is the date of a “legitimate event” in the skies that would hail the moving toward rapture. Doomsday itself, he says, will begin on October 15.

That date means the begin of a seven-year time of tribulation. “That is the time when the action starts. Hold tight and watch—hold up until the point that the focal point of October and I don’t believe you’ll be bewildered,” he forms.

A couple of things to look out for are the loss of electrical control over the world, provoking war, starvation and diverse dangerous events.

To be clear, Meade says, Nothing is required to occur in September.

Meade points to the total eclipse on August 21 as a significant event which he believes acts as a precursor to the beginning of the rapture. He says the date marks a 40-day countdown to the beginning of October. “October is the month to watch.”

So, why was the 23rd of such significance? As Meade told the Washington Post last week, he deduced that Saturday would mark an important event that would act as a sign for the oncoming rapture. His prediction was based on analysis of verses and numerical clues in the bible.

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“Jesus lived for 33 years. The name Elohim, which is the name of God to the Jews, was mentioned 33 times [in the bible],” Meade said. “It’s a very biblically significant, numerologically significant number.” Saturday marked 33 days since the solar eclipse.

Meade subscribes to the conspiracy that a 10th planet, Planet X or Nibiru, will either cross or collide with Earth, leading to a seven-year period of tribulation, or rapture. This will be followed by a millennium of peace.

NASA has repeatedly denied the existence of any such planet, including as recently as September 20.

“Various people are “predicting” that world will end Sept. 23 when another planet collides with Earth. The planet in question, Nibiru, doesn’t exist, so there will be no collision.”


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