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‘Don’t Sing Praise Songs For Me’ – President Emmerson Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has implored Zanu-PF members to desist from singing praise songs for him, saying that if they can sing him the national anthem or any liberation song if they need to do so.


Said Mnangagwa:

The role you have given me and the office you have inserted me into, can never be partitioned to anyone. The praise song I desire, if you were to sing one, is that of our national anthem and those from the liberation struggle, not for myself, no! If you sing the national anthem, if you sing those national songs then me and you are together.

He also said that regionalism and titles such as “G40” and “Lacoste” must be condemned. Said Mnangagwa:

In light of the above, regionalism, factionalism and titles such as ‘G40’ and ‘Lacoste’ must be condemned and migrate from the body of our party forthwith.


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