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Don’t Google Search These Celebrities, It Could Be Dangerous!

We get easily struck with awe when it comes to celebrities generally. We want to follow their social media pages and know basic things about their lifestyles. But what exactly do Emma Watson, Jimmy Kimmel and Armin van Buuren have in common,, aside from earning more money than the rest of us put together.

You need to know they have all previously topped the list of the “most dangerous celebrities to Google”, with a significant proportion of their search results leading users to websites filled with viruses, spam and horribleness.

Here’s this year’s UK list, followed by the wider world’s most dangerous celebrities. If you’re going to give them a Google search and want to avoid viruses, best stick to basically their official pages. And don’t go downloading  images, films or clips that any site might purport to have – no matter how juicy the sell.


1. Kelly Brook

2. Katie Price

3. Nick Grimshaw

4. Rita Ora

5. Victoria Beckham

6. Kate Middleton

7. Idris Elba

8. Frank Lampard

9. Jeremy Clarkson

10. Tom Hardy

 Never go in-depth searching them out. Only stick to what you would find on their official pages.

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