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Donald Trump’s Government May Deport First Lady Melania Trump!

According to a report by the Slate, a technical precedent has been set, which could mean that US First Lady, Melania Trump could be deported in her husband’s administration. Recently, A Serbian woman was deported for failing to disclose her husband’s history in the military.
The First Lady of the United States reportedly failed to disclose earnings from nearly two months of illegal work in the USA on a visitor’s visa, and subsequently failed to mention the offence on immigration documents.

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In 1996, Ms Trump—then Knauss—was paid for modelling work undertaken in the United States while travelling on a tourist visa, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press. This violated her terms of entry.

The first lady allegedly earned more than $20,000 (£16,000) in the seven weeks before she acquired legal permission to work.

This issue confirms the argument that even an “immaterial” error on official paperwork can justify deportation, put forward by the Trump administration in a recent Supreme Court case.


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