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Donald Trump’s Controversial Relationship With Daughter, Ivanka Resurfaces Again..

United States President Donald Trump is immensely attached to his daughter and White House adviser, Ivanka Trump

She filled in for him at G20 summit earlier in the year, as he left for bilateral meetings, which raised a number of eyebrows internationally.

The two have a complex relationship and he has made several bumbling inappropriate comments about her physique in the past.

However, as has been commented upon numerous times, their public personas are very different. Donald is expressive and bombastic, whereas Ivanka is usually assured and measured.

Nick Morgan, a body language expert reveal



As we’ve written about prior, experts believe Melania’s body language towards Ivanka notes her ease with public appearances.

[Melania is] following in the footsteps of one of the most charismatic First Ladies ever, while Ivanka plays the role of King’s Hand, chief support, adviser and even stand-in at world leadership occasions. 

The role of First Lady seems to have driven Melania into a Mount Rushmore-esque stony facial expression at times and those times are often when she is around her step-daughter Ivanka.





While Tracey Cox said that the two don’t look entirely comfortable with each other, as indicated by their inaugural photos:

That’s called blocking, her arms are crossed in front of herself as if to say, ‘keep away from me’, it’s a self-protection gesture.

Ivanka’s hands are like a steeple with her fingers and thumb entwined saying, ‘I’m the dominant one here so don’t try to pretend that I’m not’.

They seem to be more in the norm of what you expect from a public person. Unruffled.

But as I watched them more and studied their body language more, with a couple of exceptions, I began to define it as a negation of Trump rather than a positive sense of being poised.

They seem to be AWOL to me. If they are there, they are hiding. As a result, the huge contrast between them and President Trump, they seem deeply and profoundly inauthentic.


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