Donald Trump’s Cabinet Could Be The Wealthiest in Modern History

Donald Trump is assembling a team of like-minded billionaires and millionaires to be a part of his administration’s cabinet.

The members of his team are so wealthy that the Washington Post is already calling Trump’s cabinet the richest in modern history.

Trump, who himself is worth an estimated $3.7billion according to Forbes – although he has said he is worth far more – has picked the daughter of a shipping magnate, the co-owner of the Chicago Cubs and some of the richest people in the US.

The Republican president-elect is following in the tradition of President Warren G. Harding, who appointed one of the country’s wealthiest Americans, Andrew Mellon, to be his treasury secretary. Mellon would serve under three presidents overall.


Many of Trump’s picks come from family money, though some have gotten rich on Wall Street as well.

Wilbur Ross: Trump’s pick for the commerce department is ranked No. 232 on the Forbes 400 of richest people in the world.

He’s worth $2.5 billion.

He spent 25 years heading Rothschild Inc’s bankruptcy practice before striking it out on his own in 2000, creating the investment firm WL Ross & Co, according to Forbes.

He holds degrees from Yale and Harvard.

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