Donald Trump: “We Will Disengage from Syria Very Quickly, Let Others Take Care of It”

Donald Trump said that US military forces would soon withdraw from Syria, citing the defeat of ISIS. However, the State Department immediately declared to ignore any plans to withdraw troops in the country …

Schizophrenia at the head of the American state? In a speech on March 29 in Richfield, Ohio, Donald Trump announced that the United States would soon disengage militarily from Syria. “We will disengage from Syria very quickly, let others take care of it now,” he said in a speech. The US president justified this withdrawal by invoking the defeat of ISIS in the region. He said he now wanted to redirect the relevant spending in US infrastructure.

But shortly after this presidential statement, the US State Department said it was unaware of any plan to withdraw US troops in Syria – the total number of which is elsewhere, hardly clear .

At a press conference on February 23, Donald Trump had already made a similar wish : “We are here for a reason: fight and eliminate [Daesh], then go home.” He also insisted that the United States United were “not there for other reasons” and had already “largely achieved [their] purpose,” thus implying that he was not attached to any regime change in Syria.


But in February already, the tenant of the White House took the opposite of the Pentagon and his own administration. Thus, a month earlier, in January, in an unusually frank speech , Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ( fired since ) justified the maintenance of US troops in Syria by the need to fight against the Iranian influence in the region. He had hinted that the US administration intended to push Bashar al-Assad to the exit: “A total withdrawal of American personnel at this stage would help [Bashar] al-Assad to continue to brutalize his own people,” said Rex Tillerson.


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