Donald Trump To Emmanuel Macron: “You Were My Candidate!”

Interviewed at a press conference, Emmanuel Macron stressed that he had had a “very good interview” with Donald Trump, this Thursday in Brussels.

Pragmatic, warm, frank, cordial, direct … Emmanuel Macron did not lack, in press conference, of relatively neutral adjectives to qualify the interview-lunch that he spent with the American president, Thursday 25 May, at Brussels.

With a first surprise – or a formula of politeness? – Donald Trump began by assuring Emmanuel Macron that he hoped to see him win the presidential election against Marine Le Pen. “You were my guy”, he assured the head of state, which can be translated as: “You were my candidate”. Surprisingly, while the US presidential press has repeatedly lent Donald Trump discreet support to Marine Le Pen, who had moved to the Trump Tower in December to seek his support in vain.


The two men then exchanged on the burning files of the moment, which brought them to Brussels. And so, from NATO, an organization heavily criticized by Trump at the beginning of his term, and who still suffered his criticisms at the time of his speech before the member countries, after lunch. Nothing very different came out between the two men, since the billionaire has repeated his demand for a greater contribution of the member states to the operating budget, while taking care to specify to Emmanuel Macron that France, of which he Praised the quality of the army, was “not targeted” by these critics.


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