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Donald Trump to Blacks Americans: Return Back to Africa Before It’s too late

American billionaire business mogul, Donald Trump has been in the news for a while now and not all for good reasons. His Presidential bid is suffering serious damage as his racist tendencies are coming to the fore. Speaking on the issue of white crimes against blacks currently causing some furrow in the U.S, Trump said “If you think we kill you too much? Go somewhere where you’re gonna just kill more of each other.”

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Trump is said to have advised blacks to go back to Africa if they feel their lives don’t matter here. His actual statement was said to be “if black lives don’t matter here go back to Africa.” Saying that this statement is sad coming from someone so highly placed who is also running for the seat of the President of the United States of America is putting it very lightly.

In an attempt to explain himself, Trump dug his grave deeper by saying “It’s impossible for me to be racist. I employ 100’s of Blacks and Mexicans as maids in my Trump Tower hotels”

Trump has been accused of several racist statements. In fact, NBC had to severe its relationship with him as a result of a recent racist statement. Trump had in a statement while announcing his bid for Presidency said “The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems,” he said. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

This statement sparked off a lot of protests and over 200,000 person signed a petition which pressured NBC into distancing itself from Trump, resulting in their business relationship being severed. This means that The Miss USA pageant and Miss Universe pageant, shows co-owned by Trump and NBC will no longer air on the network.


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  1. Dude needs to address these people of color so they too can voice there opinion of him to the public. Let him taste what it feels like to be talk about in the most horrific way.

  2. yaaah in uganda we need change but we have heads n hand that remove our president bt its not yet time.
    Trump shd mind his business besides America has its issues that are giving them marring fellow men!!!! u cannt imagine ,our problems are politcal or economic bt not psychological meanING as Ugandan we cnnt be trapt by trump………………… out

  3. we are not killing each other in africa by choice. Trump and his friends are hiring poor africans, training them and supplying them with what they need to do the jobs they want done so bad but want to keep their hands clean of. DONALD TRUMP MAY YOUR SOUL FOR EVER REST IN HELL

  4. Trump has obviously little knowledge of how this thing works: Africa is not just one big continent of black people. It consists of 54 countries, each with its own cultures/languages/dialects. Often, if you don’t speak the local dialect/language, you are not welcome.
    So where does the Donald propose that the African American goes? After 400 or so years, I reckon they have as much right to be in the USA as anyone else!
    It’s the same scenario here in SA. It has been mooted that all whites should go back to where they came from. After nearly 400 years … Really? I don’t speak Dutch, have no friends or family there and have established myself here in SA. I believe our family has been here for 11 generations – longer than many who would seek to “send us home”.

    • we have a new country that America created and it is now called Sothern Sudan….. so the numbers has increased…. America must split Africa into many halfs so that they cannot united but only hate each other… to be honest sometimes the blame should come from our greed….. Africans prove sometimes to be too hungry and that is where the Americans take advantage of our rights and freedom by giving us food while we have all it takes to eat…. i am from Africa but i do not hate white people… they hate us for nothing

    • 400 years or so? Are you really that stupid? 400 years ago America was known only to the native Americans. The Colonists (Pilgrims) knew only of the Chesapeake Bay area and the Colony of Jamestown. They had no idea what was to the West or how far the land went.
      America was not stolen from the British. If anything it was stolen from the Native Americans. The Founding Fathers of the USA were English and Scottish; British. They merely kicked out King George and his military so that they could live in peace and not be taxed beyond their means.
      if America is such a bad place, why do so many people from the African Continent want to go there? I don’t see Non-Africans trying to sneak into Africa.

  5. Wake up Africans. Before you rush to say anything just take a little time to verify things. Trump never said any of this. This is irresponsible journalism.

  6. point of correction… America was never dicovered… it was stollen by your ancestors from Britain…. the Black Africans never had any dreams or intentions to be there in the other side… your ancestors took them there and they build the country you now claim its yours to be….. If one could really define and understand the word and meaning of SIN then that would be the Britain, France and Italy… not leaving out Spain and Portugal in the face of the earth….. PEACE.

  7. i even get more angry seeing blacks around him in the picture…. my brothers and sisters should avoid the evil beings and they will be safe.

  8. If this shit was true the blacks around him wouldn’t let him walk away .where’s the audio of what he said show me proof instead of writing in his words lets hear the actual quote .this is slander most articles show a video with audio.

  9. i dont know why black people are fools and dont support each to stand against somebody against your race and every body here black is commenting casually as if it a joke to open your mouth and say all african americans to go back to africa.all whites should also go back to europe.this racist white people always say anything about black people and no action from the continent of africa from any leader is heard.look at what happened in france see how white people from all over the world condemned it even trump cannot get over the paris thing.i would advice the black americans to start buying guns and arming themselves quietly ,when they attack you gun them down too.look at what that white woman said in south africa,in a black country you insult the people are monkeys.can any black person say this in any european country,uk ,france and germany etc but they come to our countries and say what they want and the dont get guys here just not taking the trump comment of african americans going back to africa seriously,if any of you go to america and walking on the street and gets gun down by police ,you will cannot differentiate between and african american and an,let condemn mr trump.if a chinese or indian or a white is attacked in any country the whole country is behind them because they know that can happen to any of them.However,a black man is attacked by another race and other black people will laugh and just take it lightly.i advice the black americans to start arming themselves against this enemy

  10. King of kings.
    Lord of lord. O! Omnipresent, omnipotent, omnipresent. I know that you sit high.
    Your voice axel…this very earth. In
    Your rising, from the throne that you are seated at the right hand of your father.
    You are a terrible God. And non of the suffering has gone unknown too you.I dare not question why a people, have suffered so. From the hand’s
    Of so many. But for those that lead an unkind hand. You are certain. And your word does not return unto you void.
    Crying for a nation. And a God bless American! !!
    Father show your face.
    Streach out a rod. And raise your sword. In righteousness. You created all things that walk, that creepeth. Let your word heal every crerp in every Crack of this world.
    Lord like in the days of Ole
    When you sent Moses to Egypt telling the king
    To let my people go!
    Lord come quick drawing up a standard.
    As it has been said before your return
    Man would destroy himself
    And that their would be a great falling away
    Let us not ponder with the intricate thing’s
    But the mind and heart of the true living God
    Lord you said if my people who are called by my name would humble themselfs and seek your face
    you would hear from heaven
    And you would heal the land.
    Make a way out of no way
    Lord I come too you like John crying in the wilderness
    Make way the straight way
    Because your hand is soon to draw nigh
    Protect your people
    Give them a stable mind
    And let men that have the mind of you
    Come together from all ends of this earth
    Gather your people
    I thank you for shortness of days
    So that your very elect would not be deceived.
    Strengthen your righteous
    Men stand them up in numbers
    Let your glory settled upon men as a pillow of fire by night and a cloud by day
    You are the same today yesterday and forever more
    We thank you for uncovering the ones that you said in the last days their hearts would wax cold
    Lord let us be mindful of your word for every soul that has center here
    Give them wisdom give them a confident I n you
    Lord come quickly
    As it us in heaven as it is on earth
    Let your kingdom come
    For thine is the glory for thine is the power
    Forever and forever for ever more

    Hallelujah! .Hallelujah! !!!
    Hallelujah let your government reign.

  11. We’re not Africans, all black people do not come from Africa! This is becoming common knowledge now….. Why are people still lost in this thinking, as a matter of FACT we are the TRUE indigenous people of this land… Not the pale “Indians” that you see today. Do your RESEARCH!!

  12. If trump actually said this, then he is not as intelligent as I think he is. May be he should go bak to high school history to enlighten he’s eroding mind of history. Africa as a continent is made up of countries and even him is an alien in the land called US. He should return bak to Britain. Been a business tycoon dose not make u God, Eventually, u will get old and die wot next, ur prejudicial idealogy will only be used as an example to teach younger generation why proper education is good for success.

  13. Donald Trump, must be a funny minded person. How did America become what it is before the industrial revolution? Who were the one that developed the plantation? Africa and Africans serious need reparations…

    Our labour cannot be in vain. Africa lost millions of able bodied men and women in the obnoxious slave trade. Africa would have been the most developed continent if not for the unjust and wicked act of the white imperialists.

  14. It is amazing the number of idiots posting on this site. If Trump really said those things, then where is the recording? Are you really that stupid to believe something just because it is on FaceBook or some other form of media?
    Try to use your head for something more than just a place to put your hat. God gave you a brain; use it and think for yourself.
    This article is nothing more than irresponsible journalism. Whoever wrote it should cite their sources, but they cannot because Trump never said any of these things.

  15. I support liberating all blacks in the US from our terrible racist ,bigoted system I think we should liberate them and help them return to their motherland we shouldn’t have stolen them form Africa to start with!! While we are at it let’s free Puerto Rico and American Samoa also!! It’s a win win for everyone like Chris rock said when he was visiting Africa and he heard a police siren at first he was ready to run then he realized ” I am in Africa it’s all black people here not to worry!! Bhaaaaaa!!

  16. we don’t have patriotic and influential leaders in Africa.most of them only assume offices for riches,nepotism…
    I’m sure the first black Human being disrespected now,this curse is its pubishment

  17. Then I Comment The Destroyed Bridge .

    Before The Intrusion Of The Colonial Africa Had A Very Rich Cultural Heritage .

    Just Like Their Is No Race Which Is A Definite Standard Of Civilization From The Creator
    So Africa Civilization Should Not Be Term Barbaric .
    Africa Failure Was Partly Due To It Founding Fathers Who Lack Foresight Followed By
    With Their Failure Of Using Their Influence Which There Subjects Saw Them As Demigod
    To Educate It People And Welding It Various Cultures On A Harmonious Co existence Among
    It Device Ethnic Groups And Tolerance Of Each Other Left Africa Of Socially Back Ward Till Date

    The Intrusion Of The Colony Which Took More Than 400 years Of Understudying Of Africa
    Both Cultural , Socially And Economical Left Africa Prey Today As A Laughing Stock .

    The Failure Was When The Colonial Masters Which Wish To Be Refers As This Left .

    Those Who Took Over From The Colonials Masters The Lack Vision And Character To Lead
    It People With Out Any Foresight In Place Which Is Evidently Seen Till Date .

    Their Failure Was Not Understanding The Western Culture And Customs And Assuming With A Pretentious
    Knowledge Before It Colonials Master Who Saw All This Flaws And Had Their Plans Well Intact For The Sole
    Purpose Of Exploitation Also Left Both The Colonials Master In A State Of Confusion Today Which Seems Without Any Solution With Their Genuine Intention Till Date .

    Though We Now Live In Critical Times Were Egos Rules Were Empires Will Have To Be Rebuilt And Weaker Ones Surrender To The Agenda Of Stronger Ones .

    Opinion Have Been Divided Over My Views With A Critical Diagnosis Is A Common Knowledge .
    Decisions Taken Today Has A Greater Impart Event To The In Coming Generations .
    That Africa Woes Should Not Be Ascribe To It Colonial Masters.Though With A Least Responsibility.

    While Its Important We Acknowledge How Africa Failures Started And It Solutions And Those Who Has
    Continued To Remain As Sabotage Within And Outside Who Are Working Tirelessly To Seen African
    Remains A Mockery Be Identify .

    With The Over Throwing Of Africa Traditional Institution From It Kings And Traditional Chiefs And Hastily Instituting Western Institution All Over Africa For Modern Times Exploitation And Scheming Of Continuous
    Duping Africa Of It True Identity With It Local Collaborators Who Has Inflicted Injustice On It Own People Working Expressly With The Western Collaborators To Seen Africa Potentials Never Realize
    While Avoiding Justice And Humiliation On Their Life Time From The Hands Of Their People

    As A Matter Of Urgency If Africa Wishes To Make Any Meaningful Progress .
    It Fashioning Of It Own Kind Of Democracy Out Of Traditional Rulers Who Were Ones The Custodian
    Of Their Customs And Culture Is The Restoration Of Africa Greatness

    Though Not With This Sort Of So Call Rulers Who Lack The Stamina ,Selflessness,Clear Vision
    Can Lead Africa Any Were Nor Will Any Foreign Aid Takes Africa To It El Dorado

  18. donald trump is the biggest hypocrite in the world and those blacks who buzz zaround him like fly on shit are really flies. can you imagine this ugly, dunce raw skin white man wanting to dis blacks!!!?? donald trump like many whites are so jealous of blacks and the achievements they have made that they fight them any time. BLACKS ARE UNLIKE CHINESE, JAPANESE AND INDIANS they fight for themselves and refuse to be chained. They know if all things were equal, the would outdo the white man everytime, anytime.

  19. SEND ALL BLACKS BACK TO AFRICA where they belong . Its the best thing for peace on earth called nationalism. The bible forbids homosexuality and race mixing. DO NOT LET YOU SONS MARRY THEIR DAUGHTERS DO NOT LET YOUR DAUGHTERS MARRY THEIR SONS. Do not make a covet with them. ACTS you can not have clean form unclean. Genesis says to preserve your daddy’s seed meaning no race mixing. Ted Cruz said on TV all homosexuals are to be put to death which is in the Bible. A 1959 judge said God almighty created all the races and segregated them on different areas different countries because God did not intend for them to mix. President Trump is the best president

  20. SEND ALL BLACKS BACK TO AFRICA where they belong . Its the best thing for peace on earth called nationalism. The bible forbids homosexuality and race mixing. DO NOT LET YOU SONS MARRY THEIR DAUGHTERS DO NOT LET YOUR DAUGHTERS MARRY THEIR SONS. Do not make a covet with them. ACTS you can not have clean form unclean. Genesis says to preserve your daddy’s seed meaning no race mixing. Ted Cruz said on TV all homosexuals are to be put to death which is in the Bible. A 1959 judge said God almighty created all the races and segregated them on different areas different countries because God did not intend for them to mix.

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