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Donald Trump Tells Of The Day When He “Nicked” Gaddafi In Business

Donald Trump is certainly one of the biggest surprises of presidential elections in countries with great democracy. He is also one of the presidents with a passive as plural as it is controversial. His quality is that he is a businessman and he does not kid with his interests. As a politician, he also presents himself as a great manipulator, a malicious art that he has learned and applied throughout his career as a very smart business man.


Prior to his election to the White House, during the campaign, he was questioned about the Libyan conflict on the CBS channel. It was last June. It is now known that he has always been against this intervention in Libya. Judging that the world today is less at peace with the disappearance of bin Laden and Gaddafi. He also took the opportunity to recall his business relationship with the Guide. By claiming that he had “earned a lot of money with Gaddafi”.


Donald Trump tells of the day when he "nicked" Gaddafi in business

The story dates from 2009, during a stay of the Guide in New York. As in his habits, he needed a space to set up his tent. So he was forced to deal with Donald Trump. “He came to the country, and he had no choice but to do business with me because he needed a place to stay,” says the American businessman.

So he boasted not only of having dealt with Gaddafi but also of having rolled it. ” Excuse me. I rented a piece of surface. He paid me for one night more than the value of the surface for one or two years. ” And he concludes in a laconic rather than ironic way. “And then I did not let him use this ground. That’s what we should do. I do not want to use the word “niqu3r” but I did it. ”



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