Donald Trump Suffers from a “Mental Retardation” According to the President of Iran

China and now Iran. Donald Trump seems to increasingly disagree with most of his counterparts.

Donald Trump accuses Iran of seeking to acquire nuclear weapons and being a “sponsor of terrorism”and announced yesterday ” hard ” sanctions against the Iranian Supreme Leader and several senior officers of the Revolutionary Guards. .

Its sanctions were announced four days after the destruction of an American drone by an Iranian missile. 

But Iranian President Hassan Rohani,  irritated by the US President’s reactions, has announced the“permanent closure of the diplomatic channel” with the United States. He did not stop there, he said today during a televised speech that Donald Trump “is suffering from a mental retardation”  and treated “scandalous and silly”  the other sanctions of the United States.


Donald Trump suffers from a "mental retardation" according to the President of Iran

In the midst of all these misunderstandings, China is an actor of peace. The Chinese state on June 25 called on the United States and Iran to “keep their cool and restraint”.

“We believe that continuing to apply maximum pressure (against Iran) does not help solve the problem,” Geng Shuang , a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry , told a regular press conference. . ” The facts have shown that these initiatives have the opposite effect (that hoped for) and exacerbate the troubles at the regional level ,” he added.


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