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Donald Trump On Marine Le Pen: “I Do Not Know Her, I Never Met Her”

The president of the United States, in an interview with “Financial Times” said that he has never met the candidate at the Elysée Marine Le Pen, and that he has no certainty as to her victory.

“I do not know her, I never met her,” are the words of Donald Trump against Marine Le Pen, the candidate in the French presidential election.


According to, the latter had attempted a few weeks ago to see Trump in New York by going to the Trump Tower (which she had denied). It has since been dubbed by Vladimir Putin who received it in Moscow but Donald Trump did not seize the opportunity to do the same.

“In France, Marine Le Pen has a message very similar to yours, but not identical. Do you think that his victory would validate what you have done here? “ Asked the Financial Times to Donald Trump who replies, besides that he does not know it: ” I do not know what will happen. “


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