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Donald Trump: ‘Nothing Goes With Melania’!!


Melania Trump would be absolutely unhappy with her situation and would go far away from her husband, to the point of no longer wanting to share the same bed.

And what if Melania Trump’s desire to stay away from the White House was not just the result of her desire to give her son Barron a “normal” education?

His last flash visit to Washington with his son made it impossible to measure the will of the first lady of the United States not to take his habits in the American capital. The discomfort of the companion of Donald Trump would be however still more vivid than planned.


To believe the magazine’s information US Weekly , Melania Trump is so unhappy that she no longer even tries to hide from his relatives. While she lives mostly in New York, Melania Trump would not feel the need to be closer to her husband, quite the contrary. During her rare visits, Melania Trump would make room apart with the president! ”   They never sleep together. Never,   “revealed one of his relatives.

As the early Trump Presidency had suggested, Melania Trump would be completely uninterested in the role of the first lady in the United States, the obligations it entails, or even the affairs of her husband, .

The Trump clan shouted, as often, to the “fake news”, regretting moreover that the magazine U S Weekly is based on anonymous sources. He did not comment on the absences so numerous from the first lady of the United States to the White House.

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