Donald Trump: ‘Melania ‘Can’t Wait to Divorce President’ When He Leaves Office’, Says Ex-aide

THE US first lady is allegedly waiting for President Donald Trump to leave office before she files for divorce, with a former aide to the president claiming she will use her daring fashion statements to ‘punish him’.

Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former Apprentice contestant who then joined the Trump administration when the former businessman won the US elections in 2016, made the comments.

Ms Manigault-Newman, who is known to the US public as Omarosa, was renowned for her ruthless tactics and outspoken attitude on the show. She claims first lady Melania has often taken subtle swipes at her husband through the clothes she wears.

The former reality star highlighted two outfits in her new book “Unhinged” – a pink “pussy bow” blouse that the First Lady wore after the controversial Access Hollywood tape was unearthed.

The tape appeared to show Trump making a string of sexist, lewd comments about women.

Omarosa stated Donald Trump was unaware that she had been fired from the White House (Image: GETTY)

Omarosa also highlighted Melania’s famous jacket that sported the slogan “I don’t care, do u?” when the first lady visited detained immigrant children on the US-Mexico border.

Ms Manigault-Newman writes in her tell-all book: “Taken as a whole, all of her style rebellions have served the same purpose.


“I believe Melania uses style to punish her husband.”

But the fiery TV star also claimed in the book that Melania is waiting for the President to leave his term in office so she can divorce him.

She wrote: “In my opinion, Melania is counting every minute until he is out of office so she can divorce him.”

Melania Trump is looking to punish Donald claims former aide Omarosa (Image: GETTY)

On Monday, the former Apprentice contestant released what she claimed is a recording to a phone call between herself and the President the day after she was fired from government.

She was fired from office for allegedly treating the White House executive car service “like a personal uber”.

Ms Manigault-Newman also revealed that she was sacked by then – incoming Chief of Staff, John Kelly in December 2017, and claimed she was forcibly removed from the White House.

She released the tape to NBC’s Today programme, in which Mr Trump appears to admit he only learnt of her sacking from watching the news.

The former aide says Melania will divorce Donald Trump when he leaves office

The former aide says Melania will divorce Donald Trump when he leaves office (Image: GETTY)

In the tape, Mr Trump appears to say: “Omarosa, what’s going on? I just saw on the news that you’re thinking about leaving? What happened?”

She replies: “General Kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave.”

President Trump appears to reply: “No, nobody even told me about it. You know, they run a big operation but I didn’t know it. I didn’t know that.

“Goddammit, I don’t love you leaving at all.”


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