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Donald Trump Makes Yet Another ‘Move’ On Robert Mugabe, The Zimbabwean Leader Vows To Revenge!!

Washington D.C.– The President of the United States, Donald Trump who promised to ‘deal’ with what he called the ‘troublesome’ African Presidents when he ascends to Presidency during his election campaign last year, has taken yet another move on one of his major ‘targets’.

Just two weeks ago, President Trump disclosed that he had ‘followed legal and due procedures’ to make sure the Zimbabwean leader is blocked from entering Singapore, a country where he is believed to be owning properties and also the only country where he visits whenever he needs medical attention.


”I’m yet to make Africa great again and this is just the beginning,I have blocked Mugabe from entering Singapore because of his human rights abuses, why can’t he make his own hospitals great again and get medical attention there ?”,President Trump was quoted.

Apart from blocking the Zimbabwean leader from visiting his ‘favourite country’, the US President has also requested the United Nations to cancel his diplomatic passport.

According to Washington Times, the Zimbabwean leader is yet to apply for a normal passport after 21 days. However,President Mugabe has promised to ‘revenge’ with an unspecified action.

Credit: Washington Times


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