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Donald Trump Lawyers Say He Should Not Be Sued For S’exual Misconduct Because He Is President!!

Donald Trump’s legal practitioners have argued that he should not be sued for any alleged s’exual misconduct – because he is the President of the country.

Trump faces a defamation lawsuit brought by former ‘Apprentice’ contestant Summer Zervos who accuses him of groping her at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2007.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, in their motion, Trump’s lawyers state that they will argue that Trump is immune from the lawsuit under the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution, which provides that federal law supersedes state law.


Attorney Marc E. Kasowitz said that Trump will seek to dismiss the lawsuit or put it on hold for the duration of his presidency.

Twenty years ago, the US Supreme Court ruled unanimously that President Bill Clinton was not immune from a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Paula Jones.

Clinton’s attorneys argued that the separation-of-powers doctrine under the US Constitution meant that he could not be sued while he was in office for conduct predating his presidency.

The court unanimously rejected that claim.


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