Donald Trump Jr Delivers Compromising Secrets For His Father!

It is certainly a big blow that just recorded the American president Donald Trump. While he for a long time denied his affiliations with the Russian secret services in the elections of November 2016, his eldest son published, on Tuesday, July 11, preventively on Twitter, electronic messages showing that he had accepted, Summer 2016 to receive the help of the Russian power to harm Hillary Clinton with information supposedly very compromising.

Donald trump Jr.

The 39-year-old Trump’s eldest son is in his turn under the spotlight since Saturday, July 8. Not for all the help he brings, like his sister, but for a business that could cost his father a lot of money.

In a statement accompanying the transcription of the mails, Donald Trump Jr. explained that he had decided to publish them “in order to be totally transparent”.


According to msn, Donald Trump Jr. was contacted on June 3, 2016 by an acquaintance, Rob Goldstone, an agent representing the Russian singer Emin Agalarov, whose family is close to that of Donald Trump. In this email, Rob Goldstone said that the Russian Attorney General offered, via Emin Agalarov’s father, to “give the Trump campaign information and official documents that would incriminate Hillary and his dealings with Russia and that would be very useful To your father “.


According to Rob Goldstone, this information is “very high-level and sensitive but is part of the support of Russia and its government for Donald Trump.” Asking the son of the US president for his position on the deal, and if he would be willing to discuss it with Agalarov, Trump Jr’s answer is rather positive: “I am traveling at the moment but maybe I can talk to Emin first. It looks like we have a little time and if that’s what you say, I love it (especially) later this summer, “says msn.

On June 9, 2016, an appointment was finally made between lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, presented as “Russian government lawyer,” Jared Kushner, and campaign manager Paul Manafort.

“In order to be totally transparent”

The New York Times revealed since Saturday the existence and circumstances of this meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya. While the daily disclosed the content of these exchanges, the son Trump published the chain of emails on Twitter “in order to be totally transparent”.

“The woman, as she said publicly, was not a government official,” Donald Jr. said in a statement, adding that she “had no information to give” and wanted to talk about sanctions Against Russia. “To recall the context, this happened before the current Russian fever is in vogue,” he added.


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