Donald Trump Joke Doesn’t Please the North Korean Leader: “Do We Look Handsome & Thin?”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un seems not to like a joke by US President Donald Trump who has asked photographers to take shots that the two leaders would look ” handsome and skinny .”

In a video published by The Guardian, we can see the reaction of Kim Jong Un which reveals his discontent. The  joke was made by the number 1 American  during his meeting with the North Korean leader in Singapore.

” Are you taking nice pictures of us? Do we look beautiful and lean? Donald Trump asked before sitting down to dinner with the North Korean delegation. While the US President gave a little smile after saying it, on the North Korean side, this joke did not make laugh Kim Jong-un, who remained impassive.


Remember that it is this June 12 that the first face-to-face between US and North Korean leaders took place in Singapore. At the end of this first meeting, a joint document was signed in which they pledged to work towards a complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.


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