Donald Trump, In 2013: “Our Horrible Government Takes Us To World War III”

In less than a year, in contradiction with his election promises, Donald Trump has gradually converted to the neoconservative agenda that advocates American interventionism on the international scene. But does Donald Trump really believe it?

On April 11, Donald Trump challenged the Russian army to intercept US missile firing into Syria. “Russia promises to shoot down any missile fired on Syria. Get ready for Russia, because they are coming, all beautiful, new and “smart”, “he said on Twitter. This is probably a reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unveiling in March this year of a whole series of new, sophisticated weapons .

And yet, the American president has not always been in a warlike logic on the Syrian file.

In 2013, he challenged his predecessor Barack Obama against a direct military intervention of the United States in Syria. “Get ready, there is a small probability that our horrible government is dragging us unknowingly into the Third World War,” he tweeted then.

As for the true nature of the rebels, supported in particular by France and the United States, Donald Trump was also a little more critical. “Keep in mind that these” freedom fighters “in Syria want to send planes into our skyscrapers,” he August 2013, in a transparent allusion to the attacks of 11 September 2001.

Washington and Paris were preparing to hit Damascus. Both taking pretext of the chemical attack of the Ghouta of August 21, 2013, already attributed to the Syrian army. The following August 30, released in extremis by the United States, Francois Holland gave up however to hit Syria alone

Donald Trump, hostage of “hawks”?

Elected in November 2016 on a program of foreign policy of appeasement and non-interventionism, Donald Trump has in a few months made a turn on the wing. First military action of a war chief Trump, the American president decided to strike in reprisal the Syrian base of Al-Chaaryate on April 4, 2017, without waiting for the evidence of a possible implication of the Syrian authorities in the chemical incident of Khan Cheikhoun.

In the space of a year, the neo-conservatives seem to have regained power at the top of the state. These advocates of an imperial America, a world policeman with a “manifest destiny,” managed to impose on the American president an agenda that could have been that of his unfortunate rival, former Secretary of State Barack Obama Hillary Clinton.

The appointment of the very anti-Russian John Bolton as a National Security Advisor fits in any case as part of a series of reorganizations in the team of Donald Trump, marked in particular by the eviction of Steve Bannon , but also the replacement of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, supporter of a softer line with Russia, by the director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo .

The animosity with Russia is largely caused by the Russian investigation

On April 11, in a series of contradictory tweets, Donald Trump expressed what looks like regrets, putting the current crisis between the United States on the count of the unrelenting investigation into the alleged Russian interference in the election American presidential election of 2016. “The animosity with Russia is largely caused by the Russian investigation, false and corrupt, led by democrats, or people who worked for Obama […] He [can not find] collusion, so they go crazy, “he lamented on Twitter.



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