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Donald Trump: His 2013 Tweets About Syria Reportedly Resurface, Shock The Entire World!!

Donald Trump asked in 2013, Barack Obama, not to attack Syria… Whil He unilaterally conducted a “punitive” strike against the Syrian forces on the night of Thursday 6 to Friday 7 April, after a new chemical attack in Syria, attributed to the Syrian regime – which denies.

Yet, in August 2013, the new leader of the United States advised the opposite to Barack Obama. Old tweets are re-emerging today and are indeed making a lot of talk. “The president must get the consent of Congress before attacking Syria – big mistake if he does not get it,” Trump wrote at the time. But not only. The businessman also explained that “the only reason President Obama wants to bomb Syria is to save the face after his idiotic statements on the ‘red line’.”


The main stakeholder finally swung on the famous social network in September: “Do not attack Syria, ‘repair’ the United States. And also, two hours later, in capital letters: “To our foolish leader, do not attack Syria – if you do, many bad things will happen and the United States will not get anything out of these battles. ”


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