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Dominica’s Government Throws Support for Morocco 2026 World Cup

A Dominica government minister says the country’s soccer federation will vote for Morocco to host the 2026 World Cup instead of the rival bid from CONCACAF counterparts in North America.

The announcement came from Dominica foreign minister Francine Baron after she met a Moroccan diplomat, not from the country’s soccer federation.

FIFA’s statutes demand national soccer associations are “independent and avoid any form of political interference.”


World soccer’s ruling body, which has previously suspended federations if there is evidence of government interference in their activities, did not respond to questions about Dominica’s endorsement.

The announcement from Baron was published on a Moroccan government website alongside a picture of her holding a World Cup bidding document. Baron said: “On behalf of Dominica, I am pleased to announce the support of my country for Morocco in the organization of the 2026 World Cup.”


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