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This Dog Sits With Sad Eyes Towards The Coffin, What Happens Next Will Move You To Tears!!

There are links between animals and humans that no one can explain. Here is a new proof of the unaltered fidelity of the best friend of Man. The case of Cesur is added to the long list of stories reported on the incredible loyalty of canines. On the death of his master, who died of a long illness, this dog refuses to leave his coffin. The rest of the story is equally pitiful.

On the day of the burial of Mehmet Ilhan, all the relatives were gathered to join the procession. Consternation reigned during the funeral. But all the attention was paid to this dog , lying near the coffin of his master, his eyes full of sadness.

Cesur was in peaceful days with his master Mehmet Ilhan in the Bursa region of Turkey. Aged 79, Mehmet became more and more senile and his health deteriorated day by day. He suffered from motor problems but made it a point of honor to take proper care of his dog, drowning him in his affection.

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The old man and his four-legged companion had a fusional relationship since the day he adopted it two years before. But as every being is not immortal, Mehmet Ilhan has surrendered his soul. Cesur, who had remained at the bedside of his dying master, had stopped eating and was overwhelmed by suffering. During the funeral ceremony, he was naturally part of the procession and accompanied his master until he was put into the ground.


Ali, the son of the deceased, decided to adopt him who had softened the last days of his father, to whom he was so attached. Cesur was greeted as a member of the family, but on the days following the funeral, Ali noticed the weird behavior of the dog who was absent from home for long hours. He went after him, but what was his surprise, when he found him, sitting near the tomb of his master.  The guards at the cemetery also revealed to him that he was a habitual of the place, that he returned tirelessly every day.

Moved by his discovery, he was convinced that Cesur could bring to his family and him only the most absolute love . Ali promised to take care of it as his deceased father did.

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A story that is both touching and admirable about the incredible fidelity of our friends the beasts which is not without reminding us of other stories of faithful dogs even beyond death.

Let us keep in mind what the English poet George Gordon said about dogs and their imperishable fidelity:  “In life, the surest of friends, the first to welcome you, the first one to defend you, the one whose honest heart Belongs forever to his master, is the one who works, fights, lives and breathes for himself alone. “



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