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Have A Dog?? The 6 Poses In Which Your Dog Sleeps Reveal Its Condition – Expert Reveals

Without doubt, every dog owner knows their dog the best- from their tail waving to their quiet whining. Namely, there are different ways in which dogs express their love toward their owners, but there is also an additional physical indicator which reveals a lot about the dog’s habits and personality. That indicator is the dog’s sleeping position.

Therefore, take a look at the most common sleeping positions of dogs. It’s interesting to note that street dogs and free-ranging dogs have different sleeping poses. Which position is your dog’s favorite? Find out here:

  • Side sleeper


A lot of dogs like to sleep on the side. According to experts, this is the pose for resting and relaxing. And, if your pet dog loves to sleep like this, it means that it is very satisfied and feels comfortable in its surrounding. This dog trusts its owner completely.

  • The fox


This is the most common sleeping position among dogs. Moreover, their paws are comfortably placed under their body, whereas their tail is wrapped all around to the muzzle. Dogs that prefer this position are gentle and rarely aggressive.

  • Super pup


Some dogs prefer sleeping on their tummy. Namely, this position enables them to rise up quickly when called upon. Dogs which prefer this position are easily motivated and energetic.

  • Crazy legs


Surely, this position may seem a bit weird at first, but, no need to worry as this is an indicator of the dog’s self-confidence and the enjoyment in its surroundings. This makes a lot of sense since sleeping on the back makes dogs vulnerable. According to experts, wolves are rarely seen sleeping or lying on their back in their natural habitat. Dogs that sleep like this are relaxed and independent.

  • Tummy curl


Experts believe that when a dog sleeps like this, they aren’t completely relaxed since the muscles aren’t entirely relaxed. Nonetheless, don’t worry, as this doesn’t mean that your pet isn’t relaxed while they’re awake. In fact, they are energetic, adventurous, and ready to react. These dogs are gentle, shy, and timid.

  • Passed out


If your dog has been active during the day or has spent a lot of energy, it probably wants to relax by sleeping on its back. Dogs that are seen sleeping in this position have a tendency to adapt to new situations quickly. Also, they’re very self-confident

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