Does This One Embrace Show Africa The Look of Mature Politics?

uhuru kenyatta at fidel odinga,s funeral : uhuru kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta president of Kenya, opposition leader Raila Odinga, head Kenya’s premier political dynasties. Raila was the vice president to Jomo Kenyatta(father to Uhuru), until the two fell out and Odinga started his own party. That party is the main opposition now.

It is rare for African politicians to show affection for their political rivals in public, but at the funeral of Raila’s son Fidel, Uhuru did just that.

The president was paying tribute to Fidel Castro Odinga, who passed away on January 4th.

Talking about Fidel the president said

President Kenyatta said Kenyans can learn and benefit from Fidel’s life because he was a person who did not use tribe or religion as a guide in building links with other people.

What lessons can be learnt from that one embrace? Africa is showing signs of mature politics and with such prominent figures being exemplary, it can go a long way in preparing the next generation for a better Africa.

uhuru with wife of odinga kenyatta


uhuru and raila odinga wife ukuru kenyatta


uhuru kenyatta and raila odinga greeting at fidel funeral Uhuru kenyatta



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