Doctors Successfully Remove ‘Turtle Shell’ Mole On 10-Year-Old Girl’s Back!

0_optA 10 year old girl from Vietnam who had to quit school at the back of being unnecessarily picked on and teased by fellow mates due to a turtle like shell that kept growing at her back can now smile to school and enjoy all things that comes with being a child.


The girl whose name has been given as Tran Thi Ngoc Tham was operated on Monday at the Ho Chi Minh City’s Children’s Hospital Vietnam by six doctors and five medical workers in a three hour surgery which was ultimately successful .

Speaking to Thanhmen News, the hospital’s vice director, Dao Trung Hieu said the girl suffered from congenital melanocytic nevus. Adding that,the mole weighs 1.05 kg and measures 22 cm in diameter.

After its removal, doctors covered the area with skin grafted from the girl’s thigh. Tham’s mother, Thach Thi Da Ni, 34, said she was born with the birthmark measuring the size of “a mandarin orange”, and it has been growing over the years.

Tham’s mother could not hide her joy as she said her daughter was forced to quit school but she could not do anything about her ailment because she had no money.


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