Do Your Hands Comprises of Letter X? Here is the Meaning – Study

Have you ever observed the letter X on both of your hands? Are you one of an individual among those 3 percent of great personalities? Actually, it is believed that those people who are comprising this letter X on both of their hands are born to be great leaders. This theory is neither a part of palmistry nor any superstition phenomenon. It was the ancient Egyptians and Greeks who believed that this is a sign of greatness. This was observed at the time of Alexander the Great. He had this double X sign on both of his hands and his own counselors predicted that he would be the greatest leader of all times. He was destined to glory and greatness as he had that sign that too on both of his hands.

Based on the research work at STI University at Moscow, this theory has been proved to be significant and that’s why it is strongly believed as a symbol of greatness. Researchers continued their study at a wide level and found out that three percent of the population that wore such marks were either born to be great leaders or were people with extraordinary talents that made them exceptional from other people in the crowd.

This study was known as “X Palm Enigma and Spirit Science Formula”. It was also noted that apart from Alexander the Great, the Russian President Vladimir Putin and American President Abraham Lincoln were also among those 3 percent of the population who comprises of this X symbol and proved themselves to be a great and exceptional leader. Such people who wear this symbol of greatness do not need to plan their future, their success will automatically fall for them as it’s their destiny which will help them in achieving such targets by guiding them at their way like a shining star.

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