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Do You Know Who This 10 Year Old Blondie Is? ..See Rare Photos Of Donald Trump You Have Never Seen

Many people overlook that Donald Trump has been a part of the general population for quite a long time, since he turned into a multi-tycoon at a very young age and cherishes being in the media.

So, here they are.They might just give you an insight into why he is the unreasonable guy he is today!

1. Donald Trump played baseball while he attended the New York Military Academy. This photo is from school’s 1964 yearbook. Trump is sitting in the front row, fourth from the left.

2. Most parents play catch with their kids in the backyard of their house, but not Mr. Trump. He takes them to Yankee Stadium for some family time, as seen in this adorable shot from 1992. Perks of the rich and famous.

3. Trump never publicly spoke about this photo, but people assume that this young woman was his girlfriend, back when he attended New York Military Academy. This picture was taken in 1964.

4. Donald was used to living a life of luxury from an early age. The photo above was taken back in 1973 when he was only 27 years old. Trump already had his own 3-bedroom penthouse at this age.

5. Some people call Trump a racist, but he’s actually friends with many African-American celebrities like Russell Simmons, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, as well as the late musician Michael Jackson.

6. This photo is from an interview he did in 1985 with Mike Wallace from CBS News, three years before the Oprah interview we mentioned earlier. Mike asked him about future plans and Donald said he’s not interested in politics. “There are a lot of things to do. No, not politics, not politics,” he said. “There are very few capable, really capable people around and those people go into politics. Someone’s got to lead the ship.”

7. This photo of young Donald Trump comes right out of his high school yearbook. In case you didn’t know, he attended the New York Military Academy.


8. Who knew this little blond-haired boy would grow up to become a billionaire, and the potential President of the United States? We know what you’re thinking – his hair looked so much nicer back then.

9. Rare picture of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

10. Most iconic photograph of his hair-style available on internet.

11. Trump was picked to be on the cover of playboy in the 90’s.

12. A throwback pic of Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, has surfaced, and frankly some think it’s quite disturbing.

13. When Donald said he wanted to serve his country, we had no idea he meant it literally.

14. Did you know that Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have actually pretty good friends? They can be seen in the image above laughing as they are pictured together at the U.S. Open in New York in 2000.
15. Clinton’s family at Trump’s second wedding.

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