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Do You Know What Will Happen If You Wrap Your Teeth With Foil For An Hour?


Bleaching may not act on all teeth, for example, if you have gray teeth, bleaching may not be visible, but in the case of yellowish teeth the whitening will work better. But you can make a natural toothpaste for teeth whitening.

1. Mix a little bit of baking soda with toothpaste.


2. Take an aluminum foil and fold it, so that in width and length corresponds to your teeth. Apply the pulp obtained with foil and place it on your teeth

3. Keep this sheet for one hour.

For a visible effect use toothpaste twice a week.

The bleaching effect can be seen within a few days or weeks, depending on the method used for bleaching.

The disadvantages of bleaching so far are not known, but dentists do not recommend too much teeth whitening, and this to avoid damaging the tooth enamel.


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