Do You Get Goose Bumps Listening To Music- New Study Reveals The Kind Of Brain You’ve Got

Experiencing sensations like the creeps or an irregularity in the throat when tuning in to music is very uncommon and one of a kind.

The examination analyzed 20 understudies, 10 of which confessed to encountering the previously mentioned emotions in connection to music and 10 that didn’t and took cerebrum sweeps of every one of all.

He found that those that had figured out how to make the passionate and physical connection to music really have diverse mind structures than those that don’t.



The research showed that they tended to have a denser volume of fibres that connect their auditory cortex and areas that process emotions, meaning the two can communicate better.

This means if you do get chills from music you are more likely to have stronger and more intense emotions.

Plus these sensations can also be associated with memories linked to a certain song, which cannot be controlled in a laboratory setting.

Although the study was only small in size Sachs is currently conducting further research which will look at the brains activity when listening to songs that register certain reactions.

By doing so he hopes to learn what neurologically causes these reactions and could actually tap into treatment for psychological disorders.


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