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Do You Bear Any Of These Names- Check The Origin, Meaning And Effects Of Your Name

From the Latin name Iustinus, which was gotten from JUSTUS. This was the name of a few early holy people including Justin Martyr, a Christian scholar of the second century who was decapitated in Rome. It was likewise borne by two sovereigns.

This complete rundown will let you know not just the main ten infant names for 2017, yet additionally give you a look at the starting points of the name and the importance too. It’s truly critical to name your kids with names that will set them up for progress!

Keep in mind, a name can have an enormous effect with initial introductions.


#1) Emma

Starting the list is Emma. This classic name is Lain in origin and has been in use for many centuries all over the world. Emma means “whole” or “universal.”

#2) Liam

Next on the list is Liam. This name is an Irish variation of a German name. In fact, it is a derivative of the name “William.” Broken down, “wil” means desire, and “helm” means helmet. When put together, the name William means “strong-willed warrior.”

#3) Noah

Top name number three is also a boy’s name – the highly traditional “Noah.” Noah is a Hebrew name. It has biblical roots, and it means “comfort” or “rest.”

#4) Olivia

Number four goes back to the girls – “Olivia.” This wildly popular name is related to the Latin word “olive.” Olivia is also a classical name; Shakespeare gave the moniker to a character in his play “Twelfth Night.”


#5) Ava

Number five goes to Ava. This name has a couple of different origins. In Latin, Ava means “bird.” The Hebrew version of this name, Eve, or “Chava” means life.

#6) Isabella

Isabella may sound like an Italian or Spanish name, but Isabella actually finds its origins in the Bible. It comes from the Hebrew word Elisheva which means “God is perfection,” or “God is my oath.” A variation of this name is “Bella,” which means “beautiful.”

#7) Sophia

Pulling up number seven is “Sophia.” This classic name has been claimed by the Spanish, but it is actually Greek. Sophia means “wisdom” in the Greek. A variation on this name is “Sofia.”

8) Elijah

The boys have it at number eight. Elijah is rooted in ancient Hebrew origins. It means “my God is Yahweh.” Variations of this name are Eli or Elisha.

#9) Logan

Number nine on our list is Logan. Many associate “Logan” as a Scottish family name, and it is rooted in the Celtic language, “lagan.” It is now a popular first name that means “little hollow.”

#10) Mia

Rounding out the list of names is Mia. This simple, yet beautiful name is derived from the Latin, and it actually has a number of meanings. Mia can mean “wished-for child,” or “mine.” Unfortunately, it also means “bitterness.”


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