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“Do not shoot”: The Parrot, Witness of the Crime, Repeats the Last Words of the Victim in Gabon!!

He is the only witness of the crime. Bud, a gray parrot from Gabon, even heard the last words pronounced by the victim. Let him keep repeating.


She was found guilty of murdering her husband because of Bud, their parrot. Glenna Duram, an American from Ensley Township, a small town in Michigan, did kill her husband in May 2015 by firing five times, reports Fox 17, a local media. She then turned the gun against her and hurt her head, but failed to put an end to her life. Bud never stopped repeating: “Do not shoot, fuck.”
Bud, witness of the crime


Initially, the investigators were looking for a third person, as The Detroit News reported at length. It was without counting an unexpected witness of the scene of the crime. For the couple had a gray of the gabon, a bird known for its talents as an imitator of human language.

After the death of Marty Duram, the bird had been taken care of by his parents. The latter then discovered that the animal was repeating an animated conversation, imitating different voices, which ended with what seemed to be the last words of the victim to his attacker: “Do not shoot, whore”. The parents had even filmed Bud.

“He was there, he remembers”

“I am personally convinced that he was there, that he remembers and said so,” testified the victim’s father for Wood TV.
A parrot specialist assured us that the cries of the animal mimicked a dispute between a man and a woman. The parents had alerted the police to this new testimony. The prosecutor even had time to consider the Bud video cues as evidence, before finally giving it up.


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