Do Not Marry Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, If He/She Can Not Answer These 9 Questions

Some good relationship counseling before considering marriage is to take the time to ask questions that will probe the inner depths of your partner’s personality and psychology.

Here are eleven questions you can ask about his suitability for a marriage partner:

1. Why do you love me? – This is a question that lovers have been asking since the beginning of time, but that provides real information about their psychological and social needs in a companion. If the focus seems to be on what you have or what you can provide materially in the marriage, you may need to look elsewhere for genuine commitment.

2. What are your goals and are you ready to adjust them for the relationship? – This question can reveal what is the priority of the relationship in the overall life plan. If the individual is more likely to achieve life goals and expects to make any adjustments to you, this could be an unfavorable sign.


3. Do you know how to compromise? – Compromise is the essence of a good marriage. A person who shows an inclination to feel “it’s my way or the highway” is not a good candidate for the negotiations and compromises that marriage requires.


4. What is your relationship with your family? – A bad relationship with the family may indicate problems that could affect the marriage. Likewise, someone is too close to his family can be so entangled that the wedding may not come first. Relationship counseling can help solve these problems.

5. Why do you want to spend the journey of your life with me? – This answer can inform you about your partner’s expectations and whether relationship therapy may be needed to create healthier expectations about your role in marriage.

6. Can you keep the romance alive? – Someone who understands the value of keeping the relationship alive will actively work to energize the relationship over time.

7. You can not work through rough areas. Someone who does not like conflict or who can not work on the differences will make a poor marriage partner.

8. What are your parenting skills? – If you intend to have children, your partner’s previous family experiences can have a significant effect on his / her parenting ability.

9. Will you continue to grow in the relationship? – A person who continues to have hobbies and interests separate from the marriage will make him a more interesting and independent partner.

I hope you enjoyed this article. It is important to find the right person to marry. If you make the mistake of marrying the wrong person, it can have very bad consequences.

Read it again and make sure you take it to heart.


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