“Do Not Bother Me With The Sovereignty Of My Country”, Filipino President, Duterte Warns The EU (VIDEO)

The Filipino President at the closing ceremony of the ASEAN Summit that brought together the Southeast Asian Nations in Manila from November 10th to 14th.

The president of the Philippines told the press that he would not accept a form of bargaining, he said, of the European Union. It would seek to interfere in the domestic politics of the country against financial aid.

"Do not bother me with the sovereignty of my country", Duterte warns the EU (VIDEO)© Manan Vatsyayana Source: AFP

Asked on 14 November at the closing ceremony of the Southeast Asian Nations Summit (ASEAN) on his strong dialogue with Donald Tusk (current President of the European Council), the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, had very strong words to condemn what he considers to constitute diplomatic interference by the European Union in his country.


“Forget it, we’ll survive, even if we have to eat live fish and rice. We will survive. Yes … Do not bother me with the sovereignty of my country, it’s an insult, “he said in response to a question about the end of European aid to the Philippines.

Then, he explained: “Accept the money from countries that think you are an assassin … Why come and give us gifts? Keep your money! Do not interfere with our sovereignty, do not impose conditions on us. We are not rich. We are poor. It is a third world country. But we do not bargain with our dignity for money, issued under certain conditions that are not acceptable to us, because it flirts with the violation of sovereignty. ”




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