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Djibouti: Djiboutian Football Federation (FDF) Dissolves The National Football Team!! Find out why…

The Djiboutian Football Federation (FDF) made a very surprising decision on Thursday (July 20th). Against all expectations, she announced in a statement, the dissolution of the national football team, for the simple reason that it does not achieve satisfactory results.

The Djiboutian Football Federation announced in a statement its disappointment at the poor performance of its national team. To put an end to his suffering, the federation announced in the same communiqué the dissolution of this national team this Thursday 20 July.


For now, no timetable has been given for the reconstruction of the national football team. According to the local media, the federation plans to re-establish and without delay a new team which will be made up of young categories.

The Djiboutian football federation would have turned to the youngest footballers. The technical director of the dissolved team, Omar Ali Mohamed, said for his part that ”  As team A has no result, we focus on youth football  .”

As many have thought, Mr. Omar Ali Mohamed said that the decision of the federation is not due to financial problems but, this is in line with a new policy that the latter now wishes to lead.

Last Saturday, when the match against Ethiopia counted for the qualifiers of the Championship of Africa of the Nations 2018, the team djiboutienne registered a severe defeat (1-5).

The Djibouti national team is 185th in the FIFA World Ranking. She has never taken part in a major world competition.


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