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Djebou Ndiaye, the Only Woman Running for the Malian Presidential Race

Outgoing President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta will face 16 other presidential candidates on 29 July. Among those aspiring to power, there is only one woman: Kante Djebou Ndiaye, 55 years old.

In line with the logic of “a Mali of peace,” Djebou Ndiaye relies on women, but also on the migrants whose cause she defends. For the latter, the “men have failed” and therefore the useful vote will be the one for his candidacy.


Business leader and investor, the candidate also claims her status of repatriate. She who fled in 2015 the neighboring Central African Republic where she lived, because of the war.

According to the candidate, the woman faces challenges related to health, education, unemployment and even migration. So the candidate asks her sisters, mothers, rural and urban girls, young people, to vote massively and to trust a woman, a mother.

“Between women, we will commit to raising our husbands’ awareness for peace,” she said.

Among other priorities: the consolidation of mutual aid, social cohesion, equitable distribution of resources among Malians, accelerated development increasing the rate of representation of women who would be raised to 40% instead of the 30% of positions in the decision-making bodies.

Once elected, it is committed to ensuring the safety of Malians and the country throughout the territory, applying political strategies adapted to Malian realities on the social level.


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