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Dj Arafat: The Ivorian Singer’ Mother, Tina Glamor Speaks for the First Time After Son’s Death

One week after the accident of her son Dj Arafat, Logbo Valentine aka Tina Glamor, Ivorian singer and mother of the King of the Coupé Décalé, gave a show at the scene of the accident. A video was published Monday, August 19, 2019 on social networks showing her singing some titles of her son.

Since the death of Houon Ange Didier aka Dj Arafat, Internet users waited for his mother to speak. But she did not do it, it’s just her communications officer who felt she can not speak because she “has pain”. But on Monday she went to the scene of the accident in the town of Cocody, and she gave a show.

Surrounded by several Chinese (fans of Dj Arafat), Tina Glamor said words not too supposed and profaned against the government and the organizing committee set up for the funeral of his son.

“It’s not the government that put my son in the world. Let me bury my son with dignity, “she chanted.


Dj Arafat: his mother Tina Glamor creates a scandal on the place of the accident

Being in a state of intoxication, a journalist wanted to bring her to reason, but she broke away, she wanted to take her hand, but she was stopped by some fans present on the spot. A few hours later, the video went viral and gave rise to a lot of comments.

Dj Arafat: his mother Tina Glamor creates a scandal on the place of the accident

Some netizens said she is still like this, others believe that she is on the brink of depression, because she really suffers from the absence of her son, “Do not let Mom Tina like that. She needs us. Arafat himself was going to be in pain if he saw it that way in his lifetime, “said one user.


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