Disney Magic Arrives In Nigeria

Disney partners with Nollywood to bring American movies to English-speaking  West Africa - Hubnaija

Disney is joining forces with a Nigerian production and distribution company-FilmOne Entertainment.

The firm will be the sole distributor of Disney-owned films in Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia.

The Nigerian company has built cinemas across the country and will show the Disney classics ranging from Mulan to the more contemporary movies.

The agreement covers titles from Disney studio divisions including Pixar, Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Pictures, and Blue Sky pictures.

FilmOne Entertainment. has also distributed and produced Nigerian box office hits such as “The Wedding Party,” and “New Money.'”

But the deal could also convince investors and producers to look further into African cinema as the Nollywood industry for instance is a film goldmine.

Streaming Giant Netflix knows this too and announced last week the premieres of four new Nollywood productions

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