Disgusting: Eating This Common Food Can Give You Brain Worms

You are maybe disgusted by worms when you see them in your garden or at the park, but imagine that you have worms in your brain? Really terrifying isn’t it? There was a story about this on the CNN’s website.


If you notice something strange in your head, like that something is moving maybe there are parasites there. The feeling is like there is something moving through your eyes or brain.

The first case of this, was discovered unfortunately on a British man who had a tapeworm wriggling through his brain. This case was in 2013.
The worm had moved from one side of the man’s brain to the other is what Dr. Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas told to CNN. He also said that this is very strange because very few species of parasites do this.


The type of tapeworm that the British man had was called Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei. The man visited South Korea, Japan, Thailand and China, and in those parts this type of tapeworm is common.

The adult worm is present in the small intestine of cats and dogs where it may grow to unbelievable 1.5 metres. But most of us don’t eat cats and dogs so how can the tapeworm get in the human’s brain? These worms can be present in another animal that most of us eat – pig.

Maybe this will lower your fear – there are only three types of tapeworms that can infect the human brain, and that occurs when they infiltrate the nervous system which can lead to horrible results.

When you see in what kind of conditions the pigs are farmed today, you will not be surprised why are people having this problem. Dr. Theodore Nash said that there are 5 million people affected by tapeworm infiltration of the brain worldwide.
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