These Diseases Are Often Caused By Microwave Ovens And You’ve Probably Ignored Them!!

Microwaves are an excellent, simple, and comfortable cooking option for a lot of people worldwide. Namely, microwaves have been present in the USA for more than 30 years, thus, transforming society and how we view food.

However, the question which arises is whether microwaves are healthy. Namely, a lot of people believe that the answer is negative as there are plenty of other, healthier options for cooking which will ensure nutrients to remain in your food.

Inside a microwave, there are more than 2.45 billion hertz which is okay, if the microwave door seal isn’t leaking. The frequency amount which is known to harm the human body is 10 hertz, therefore, be careful and never stand to close to a microwave when it is on.

Microwaves can cause birth defects, cancer, cataracts, poor immunity, reduced resistance to viral and bacterial infections, and other serious conditions.


Furthermore, according to a study conducted by Hans Hertel, a Swiss scientist, cooking your food in a microwave causes its degradation and depletion of the nutrients. In fact, the molecules in food deform due to the radiation and the food will release harmful, radioactive compounds.

In 1992, the Search for Health conducted a study regarding to effects on participants who consumed microwaved veggies. It was found that the participants experienced rapid increase in cholesterol levels, decrease in hemoglobin and white blood cells, and an increase in leukocyte.

Moreover, milk put in microwave lost 96% of its antibodies and using microwave for infant formula is known to cause changes in the component into amino acids and immunological issues.

All in all, be very careful when you use the microwave and although it is 100% sealed, you are still exposed to the harmful levels of electromagnetic fields. Hence, they can enter the human body and lead to serious problems. Standing 4 inches from the microwave means 100-500 mG of exposure, whereas 3 feet away will expose you to 1-25 mG.


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