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Discovery! Amazing Facts About The Earth You Need To Know- Scientists

Some many things about science and earth that we really don’t have an idea about .This is the kind of Knowledge in Science that people win Nobel prizes for. The Earth is made of amazing truthful facts. You need to get in here and see mind blowing discoveries. Hard to believe facts, yet real!



Being In Love Has The Same Effect As Cocaine
But cocaine will never leave you heartbroken after cheating on you with your best friend. Think about that.



The DNA In Our Body Can Stretch From The Sun to Pluto And Back – 17 times
This is amazing . And after that 17th time, Pluto still won’t be an actual planet.



 Eating A Polar Bear Liver Could Kill
You’d overdose from too much vitamin A and from being an asshole that eats polar bears.

You Can Have 3 Genetic Parents
Some doctor experimented with combining a nucleus from an egg with another egg and then fertilized it using a guy’s swimmers. I haven’t seen this level of genetic mixing since the Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z.



 Humans Walk Around The Earth Five Times During Their Lifetime
I mean, on average. I’ll be glad if I manage walking from home to the liquor store once a week. Aim low, shoot high


All The LEGO Bricks Ever Made Stacked On Top Of Each Other Could Reach The Moon Ten Times
Imagine stepping on that tower of pain, right?



Snow Is Actually Translucent
So that snowman you’ve spent all afternoon making technically isn’t even visible. You’re just watching the light reflect off his translucent skin.


 Love Makes Your Pupils Dilate

As does cocaine. So next time you’re trying to convince someone that you love them but you don’t really, a quick line will sort you out!


 Without The Empty Space Between Atoms, The Human Race Could Fit Into A Sugar Cube

Aren’t we a bunch of airheads?

The Solar System Smells Of Steak And The Milky Way Smells Of Raspberries And Rum
That’s what astronauts claim. Who are we to argue with them? Have you been to space? I haven’t. But those astronauts sound like a bunch of potheads.


Stomach Cells Regenerate Faster Than Stomach Acid Destroys Them

Apparently we can all regenerate fast! We are actually built like that. The human repairs its wears and tears all by itself. It is when it stops doing this that we need to see a physician.



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