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Discover World’s Top 7 Celebrities Allegedly Living With The Deadly Disease, Cancer!!

No one is totally immune to disease. Here is a list of stars that disease has not spared. While some celebrities have been able to avoid the worst, others continue to fight cancer in hopes of escaping early death.

 1- Shannen Doherty


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The actress in the Charmed series was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Surrounded by her husband, family and filming colleagues, she is still fighting and sharing this painful experience with her fans on social networks, trying to stay Very positive.

2-Ben Stiller


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The American actor has defeated prostate cancer. The cancer had been diagnosed after a blood test of control. “If I had not done this test at age 46, I would not have known that I was sick.Today, I still do not know. ”

3-Evelyne Dheliat

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At the age of 65, the weather presenter of Tf1 learns that she is suffering from breast cancer. She is away several months of the small screen, to prepare more time for her operation and treatment. Today she still keeps her wounds secret.


4-Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

After losing her mother because of cancer, in 2013 it is learned that Angelina Jolie has undergone a double mastectomy, carrying the gene responsible for breast and ovarian cancer. In 2015, she undergoes an ablation of the ovaries. ” I will do anything to stay with my children, ” she said, delivered from the disease.

5- Eric Dane

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The famous comedian of Gray’s Anatomy learns in 2008 that he is suffering from skin cancer, following a simple visit to the dermatologist. With rapid care and effective treatment, he succeeds in overcoming cancer.

6-Claudia Tagbo


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Breast cancer in the year 2000, the comedian is fighting. Despite the heavy treatment, pain, operations, she chooses to suffer in silence and continues to rise on stage. She said in Gala, “I see things differently since. I laugh even harder, the disease is not something that one confronts alone “.

7-Johnny Hallyday

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The evil presented itself in the form of small bobos in the beginnings of 2007. But in 2017, the trouble of health of the rocker catches him again. The singer is suffering from lung cancer. His condition is considered very worrying.



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