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Discover Traits of Your Personality Through African Astrology!

Africans were the first societies interested in the stars, inventing names for the planets and undertaking a study of astrology.Close to everyday life, African astrology offers us a return to the roots, referring to domestic stars linked to the environment, to the neighborhood, to the earth, to life. Resting on “geomancy”, a divinatory art with figures made at random by throwing bones, thus forming lines and arrows, it is considered one of the simplest and most accurate forms of astrology.

The African horoscope is based on a fine and intuitive observation of the qualities and the human beings. Transmitted orally from generation to generation, it is based on the ancestral symbols that form the basis of the culture and traditions found throughout the continent, around nature, the sacred or the family.

The 12 signs are as follows

– the Baobab (from 04/01 to 03/02)
– amber and silver goods (from 04/02 to 05/03)
– the family (from 06/03 to 04/04)
– small services rendered to the neighborhoods (from 05/04 to 04/05)
– the market (from 05/05 to 04/06)
– the ancestor (from 05/06 to 04/07)
– the judge (from 05/07 to 04/08)
– the kola nut (from 05/08 to 03/09)
– the traveler (from 04/09 to 03/10)
– the distance (from 04/10 to 03/11)
– the child of the word (from 04/11 to 03/12)
– the harvest in the attic (from 04/12 to 03/01)

Leaf temperament

Your best day: Thursday

Meaning: This invincible tree inspires strength and respect. African astrology has spoiled you and honored you as the incarnate power.Strongly rooted in your convictions, you are of a solid character that knows how to conquer, resist and last in beauty. Very aware of your abilities and equipped with a superb aura, you raise mountains that others would struggle to climb. With you, no entourloupe: you are a serious and honest builder, often abandoned to prosperity, and your Career will be the spearhead of your opulent destiny. Fortune should surely smile at you, but beware of that anguished character that seems to be your Achilles heel.
Your destiny:

Your magic power: Nothing resists you if you have decided. Use this aura of invincibility to win better. The obstacles will not be long before your will.


Originality at all costs

Your best day: Wednesday

Meaning: It is decided: your life will be made of these roads of traverse which prevent you to be annoyed but which are also worth to you to be taxed “of original”, which, in the end, does not go to you so badly that it. Normality is not very exciting in your eyes: adventure is much more fun and your motto often seems to be: “Let’s go somewhere else if the air is not better.” What you do alively all your lifetime but also with beautiful achievements to the key, please!

Your fate: Difficult to attach yourself because you bounce on each event to better exist. You may be unstable, but intelligence and ingenuity get you out of a lot of bad things. You are passionately materialistic but it is the just use of the commodity money that will make you the good or the bad, the honorable or the brigand.

Your Magic Power: You are a cure for legalized boredom! You sparkle happily and no way neighbors get caught between routine and depression … How good it is to rub you!


The love of harmony

Your best day: Tuesday

Meaning: The cocoon, the hearth, the harmony: that’s what makes you successful. All you have to do is immerse yourself in a warm and familiar atmosphere, to dispense with everything that the African zodiac has offered you as qualities: solidarity, understanding, generosity build your way of life and you need to give and share for be happy.

Your destiny: You also have the odds of love, which proves at least that you are loved for who you are. Creating an intimate and harmonious atmosphere around you is an indispensable condition for your happiness because African astrology warns you. You are not made to live away from your roots and a haven of peace. Sharing is your way of life, but do not forget to forget about this too full of love!

Your magic power: The strength of love is this amazing faculty that delights those around you, and that secures you at the same time. You are the humanist of African astrology.


Always there when

Your best day: Saturday

Your Magic Power: Spirit of Mind is your undeniable faculty. Call it flair or opportunism, anyway, you are often the person of the situation and it is already a real gift.


Dynamism in all respects

Your best day: Sunday

Meaning: Atmosphere, action, reaction, abundance and opulence: prosperity is in your line of life but it is also a pretty disorder that defines it. Everything goes very fast with you. The “no moderation” and the impulse characterize you quite well and the African zodiac warns you against a tendency to squander your vital forces against all reason.

Your destiny: Emotion control is not your forte. Fear, love, anger or slpeen lead you through the tip of your nose, which would suggest that you are hardly manageable. The difficulties of your life mostly happen unexpectedly and you will have to learn to cultivate coolness and wit to be able to win the big prize.


Your magic power: React to the quarter turn, catch opportunities on the fly. You are a magician who gets everything in one hand. Never waste time on the urge of the moment is also a pretty manna of fate.


Magnetic influence

Your best day: Monday

Meaning: Your sign possesses this charisma and that confidence in you that are enough to impose. Evidently, experience can only add to this aura of power and you maintain finely this ascendancy over others, which can lead to power as well as to manipulation.

Your destiny: It is in the subtlety of managing your influence that your destiny will emerge: either cultivate your own interests by ingeniously using the rest of the world to achieve your ends, or develop altruism and generosity to become that wise Humanity, which makes itself respected by the council and the benevolence which it knows how to dispense around him. In other words, abuse of authority and manipulation are here to banish if you wish to meet success and prosperity.

Your Magnetic Providence: You know instinctively who you are and this assurance of not being anyone is at the origin of this amazing charism that builds ordinary destinies. You should take advantage.


A well-tempered character

Your best day: Tuesday

Meaning: Strength of character, immense will, incredible dynamism: you are this island of power that needs nobody to ensure its beautiful human condition. You hate more than all baseness, and justice is your first demand: your qualities of referee are undeniable and you have an almost magical conscience of what to do or not to do.

Your destiny: Yet you have some extreme tendencies towards independence and even individualism. So, of course, you also have to balance your fine qualities. Do you look at the navel or benefit the rest of humanity? The African zodiac drives you to serve the other, to understand it, to listen to it, to contribute to the well-being of your surroundings and to ensure a more open and generous life.

Your magic power: This strength of discernment is your supreme quality. You have the gift of judgment then take advantage to enlighten the most obscure of us!


An amazing punch

Your best day: Wednesday

Meaning: This fruit, a symbol of enthusiasm and vitality, undeniably makes you the good living of the African zodiac. Your appetite for life is impressive and you are overflowing with sensuality, natural greed and life force. Nobody knows how to put you on the “i” of envy, combine pleasure at all times and put the icing on the cake everyday.

Your destiny: Who loves you follow (and they are legion) in this eternal joie de vivre! But be careful not to fall into the excess as it is there, your vulnerable point! The deviations of pleasure, voluptuousness and plethora of good food are already dotted in your destiny because they too easily tilt the balance on the wrong side, that of ease. A little mastery, what the devil!

Your magic power: You have the gift to train in your wake a crowd of joyful lurons, greedy of your appetite for life. Your magic wand is conducive to partying and good company.


Your best day: Thursday

Your magic power: Everything interests you and the air of time captures body and soul. This intellectual curiosity is a good manna from heaven. Your beautiful open-mindedness is your gri-gri!

Head in the stars.

Your best day: Friday

Your magic power: Dreams and poetry, magic and wonder: this is where your facetious powers reside. To turn you into Aladin’s genius would be a good idea but it seems that it is better to confront the realities …

The little genius of the com ‘

Your best day: Saturday

Your destiny: Fundamentally sociable, you excel in the art of communication, infiltrating the world and creating your life circles with a surely enviable maneuverability. Your relational ease is ultimately a true gift from heaven. You are also a faithful friend who will always know how to surround yourself. The African zodiac grants you a lovely life, surrounded by the affection and kindness that you yourself have been able to dispense before.

Your magic power: Public relation of genius, you instinctively to whom to please and to seduce to be always usefully surrounded. The tricks of the relationship are in your hands.

An unerring chance

Your best day: Tuesday

Meaning: As your sign indicates, the good graces of heaven have stuck you the day of your birth exactly between abundance and prosperity … African astrology grants you not only to be born under a good star but to be Furnished, in addition, very serious assets to enjoy! Fate is supposed to smile at you more often than in your turn. It only remains for you to gorge yourself with audacity to catch in flight these kyrielles of opportunities that are inscribed in your destiny.

Your destiny: You never have anything without nothing and you will not escape this compensatory philosophy: your particularly varnished destiny must also serve you to accumulate wisdom and generosity, to fill those you love, and more so affinities. …

Your Magic Power: You could be called “Gontran” because luck is chasing you and your lucky star is the ultimate magic you can expect from a lifetime. It’s your turn !


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