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Discover The Top 10 Countries Most Satisfied S3xually……. Nigeria, the only African country at #10!!

This ranking was published by the well-known English tabloid Mirror, based on the results of a British survey which asked the inhabitants of several countries if they felt that their lives were good. The big surprise is that France, which is nevertheless reputed for a lot of s3xual tricks is absent. On the other hand, Italy, another country famous for its sex appeal, is well in the top. Discover this Top 10.

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10. Nigeria

In this survey, all Nigerians interviewed revealed that they were fairly happy. Slightly less than one in two residents finds excellent relationships.

9. Australia

Speaking of S3xe, one might say that the Australians are rather classical. The investigation reveals that one loses virginity at 18 years and one is content.

8. India

India is one of the countries where one loses the most virginity (22 years on average). The Indians who are rather happy with the turn their sexuality takes, even if they only devote about 13 minutes to the act itself.


7. Mexico

Fewer than one Mexican out of two feels really busy. Where the country stands out, however, is the number of lovers. Concerning the Mexican women especially. According to a study relayed by Gentside, the latter would have on average 14 partners in their life. It would also appear that the Mexicans are among the most enduring.

6. The Netherlands

Speaking of sxxe, one might say that the Dutch have a peculiarity. These are people who are quite responsible. At home, they make sxex and think to go out covered. We know how to have fun, but no matter how.

5. Greece

The results of the survey reveal that 51% of Greeks do not complain about their leg parts in the air. In terms of the frequency of relations, the country ranks high in the rankings, honoring a legacy dating back to antiquity, where it is said that the conventions were not embarrassed when it came to giving themselves pleasure.

4. Brazil

82% of Brazilians make love once a week. Regular, they are also very happy with their performances. The “active” ones go up to 3 or 4 times.

3. Italy

The Italians, meanwhile, would devote 20 minutes on average for their leg parts in the air. But obviously, they would also be pretty satisfied. In this country, there are even the Emergencies of sex, which are set up in several hospitals as in Milan, in order to answer all the problems inherent to the “thing”.

2. Spain

According to Mirror, the survey shows that 90% of the Spanish respondents feel satisfied. Another study carried out in 2005 revealed that the Spaniards spent only 22 minutes on average on the sexual act and found it too short but very good.

1. Switzerland

21% of Swiss people find their sexuality excellent. 2% of them admit in passing to have relations in public places. It would not look like that, but in fact Switzerland is hyper sex. From there to make the comparison with the aphrodisiac effects of chocolate …


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