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Discover the Smartphones That Emit The Most (and the Least) Radiation

The impact of mobile phone radiation on the human body is highly controversial and inconclusive, but it is good to know the dangers hidden in this small device stuck to our bodies every day. Here are the phones that emit the highest – and the lowest, according to the Federal Office of Radiation Protection. But, first of all, a little precision.

Radiation emissions are calculated based on their “Specific Absorption Rate” (SAR), which is a measure of the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the human body from the cell phone. It is also measured in watts per kilogram while the phone calls someone and is placed against a person’s ear.

The following 16 phones emit the highest radiation rate …

iPhone 7 Plus : The popular US phone has a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of 1.24 watts per kilogram.

Blackberry DTEK60 : the Android phone of the Canadian company has a SAR of 1.28 watts per kilogram

ZTE Axon 7 Mini: The smaller version of the Chinese company Axon 7 has a SAR greater than 1.29.

iPhone 8: It has an even higher rate estimated at 1.32. This means that having a sophisticated phone does not necessarily mean lower radiation emissions.

Sony Xperia XZ-1 Compact: The Japanese company made its only appearance in this list of smartphones that emit the highest levels of radiation, with a SAR of 1.36.

iPhone 7 : Apple’s third and last appearance on this list with the iPhone 7, which has a DAS of 1.38.

Huawei P9 Lite : This Chinese company makes its first entry (among many others) on this list. this phone at a rate of 1.38.

OnePlus 5 : Dual SIM card device, the Chinese brand OnePlus has a DAS of 1.39.

Huawei Nova Plus : This model with battery life and enhanced photography capabilities has a SAR of 1.41.

Huawei P9 : Designed in collaboration with the company Leica Camera, this model has a SAR of 1.43.

Huawei GX8: This particular model of Huawei has a SAR greater than 1.44.

Huawei P9 Plus : The popularity of Huawei phones has risen sharply over the last decade, but these devices seem to have higher specific absorption rates, like this model which is at 1.48.

Nokia Lumia 630 : The Finnish company makes its first and only entry on this list with the Nokia Lumia 630, which has a DAS of 1.51.


Huawei Mate 9 : Huawei’s sixth and last listing on the list has a DAS of 1.64.

OnePlus 5T: This phone with dual SIM has the second highest DAS, with 1.68.

Xiaomi Mi A1 : China dominates the list with four major smartphone manufacturers – ZTE, OnePlus, Huawei and Xiaomi – which occupy 10 of the 16 most radiation-emitting devices with the largest list of specific absorption rates. The Xiaomi Mi A1 dual SIM card device wins, with a SAR of 1.75 watts per kg.

And now, the phones that emit the least amount of radiation

These smartphones all have specific absorption rates well below the rate required for the Blue Angel certification in Germany.

Google Pixel : the multi-faceted American multinational smartphone is entering the top 15 with a SAR of 0.33 watts per kilogram.

Samsung Galaxy S8: You will see much more of this South Korean company, but its first entry on this list has a DAS of 0.32.

Nokia Lumia 535 : This dual SIM device has a DAS of only 0.32.

ZTE Blade A610 : This model has a SAR of 0.31.

Motorola Moto Z : This American company makes its first appearance with a low SAR of 0.30.

Motorola Moto G5 Plus : This 2017 model has a lower SAR than its predecessors, reaching 0.30.

Samsung Galaxy A5 : This device has a DAS of 0.29.

LG Q6 : The South Korean multinational is also making its debut with the LG Q6, which has a DAS of 0.28.

ZTE Blade A910 : This model has a low SAR rate of 0.27.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge : The award-winning phone has a DAS of 0.26.

Samsung Galaxy S8 + : It is the fourth Galaxy model to appear in the list of 15 mobile phones with the lowest SAR with a rate of 0.26.

Google Pixel XL : It has a DAS of 0.25.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + : This one has a DAS of 0.22.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 : This smartphone comes in second place for the lowest DAS at 0.17.

Sony Xperia M5 : Sony only makes an appearance in this list, but it appears at the top with its incredibly low specific absorption rate of 0.14 watts per kilogram.


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