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Discover The Only Footballer To Have Won The 6 Most Important Trophies In The World!!

He is one of the Brazilian players who has marked the history of world football by his talent on the pitch. The Brazilian international Ronaldinho, this great internationally renowned player has managed to conquer all types of trophies for a player from South America. It is from Paris Saint Germain that the Brazilian has excelled. After his arrival at FC Barcelona, ​​he reached the pinnacle of his art. When he returned to Brazil, he shone and reappeared to triumph in South America.

According to Besoccer, Ronaldinho is the only player who can boast of having won a World Cup, a Copa America, a Confederations Cup, a Champions League, a Copa Libertadores and finally a Ballon d’Or. The six most important trophies a Brazilian can aspire to. This short summary shows a flamboyant journey, which saw him realize a six-fold that no one else has been able to do until then.



It should also be said that Ronaldinho is the only footballer who has won these most important titles. Few even Brazilian players could do better. He has won the most important tournaments of the two most prestigious continents in the world of football. It is a historical achievement that is only within the reach of a privileged few. One can therefore understand why he was even adulated by his own teammates. We remember that his teammate of Barça, Samuel Eto’o said that “Ronaldinho is a very strong player”. With all these titles gleaned by the Brazilian, Samuel Eto’o was not mistaken.


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