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Discover The African Policy Of Marine Le Pen If She Eventually Becomes President of France!!


As his father Jean marries the Pen who had crossed the second round of a presidential election in France, Marine Le Pen is illustrated at the highest level of French politics with the historic Front National. A party renowned for its sometimes radical ideas, especially those concerning Africa and Africans, mostly those who live in France.

Marine has traveled to Africa only once in her life, most recently in Chad only to meet Idriss Déby.

Asked recently about her program for Africa, if she was ever elected President of the Republic, Marine says:

“Africa, with its hundreds of millions of young people and gigantic natural resources, has considerable potential for prosperity and power.” In spite of this, she thinks that “nothing is gained” for the simple fact that “Development has been accompanied by a widening of inequalities, which generates frustrations that can ultimately create security problems”.

In addition, she adds that “France has no legitimacy to pronounce on the national political life of this or that country. But it must denounce violence and violations of democratic processes when they arise.

We are still waiting to see whether the historic policy of the extreme right, that of minimizing immigrations, can be set up if it becomes president. Or, like its predecessors, it will be inscribed in a sort of chosen immigration. Insofar as France can not do without Africa, both its brains, its wealth, and its workforce.

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