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Discover the African Club that Has Won the Most Trophies in the World

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have both ranked among the top ten football clubs in the world.

In this ranking of clubs having won the most titles, Barça ranks 6th with 91 trophies and Real Madrid, which had a disappointing season last year is 7th.

The team that leads the list is Egyptian Al Ahly, which has won 118 trophies since its formation in 1907.

Al Ahly, nicknamed the “Club of the Century”, has won the Egyptian Championship 40 times and also holds 36 victories in the Egyptian Cup, according to Transfermarkt.

Three Egyptian ranks were awarded to the Rangers.

The Uruguayan National Football Club (113) and Atlético Peñarol (108) occupy the third and fourth place respectively, while Celtic holds fifth place with 105 trophies.

Benfica (82) in eighth place and Porto (74) in tenth place, while the Olympiakos of Greece (75) ranks ninth.


England is represented in the top 20 with Manchester United 12th with 71 trophies and Liverpool 18th with 59 trophies.

Other major European clubs on the list include Ajax (70) in the 13th, Bayern Munich (70) in the 14th and Juventus (63) in the 15th.

Look at the full list below …

Football: Discover the club that has won the most trophies in the world


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